While renovating and reconstructing, we try to apply traditional building techniques when it makes sense. We privilege natural, sustainable and long-lasting products. This requires sometimes extensive discussions and cooperation well as experimentation with our craftsmen, construction companies and partners. The effort of adapting centuries-old building techniques to modern customer requirements and technical requirements is a process that fascinates us.


Circular economy

Our policy is to recuperate as much of the substance and of the materials of a house as possible under given circumstances. Following that logic, we also try to keep the original functionalities of a house, adapting them to modern standards. Construction material we need to remove from the project will be reutilized in future projects. This is our way to contribute to sustainability in housing and the circular economy.


Digital in houses

Customer user experience and requirements in housing is moving at a fast path, along with new possibilities driven by technology developments. We keep track of these and adapt them in a sensible way into our projects, bearing in mind the balance of customer comfort with implementation costs.


Prime resources

In a context of global warming and prime resources scarcity (energy, but also clean water or land), it is important for us to create houses that are as close as possible to auto-sufficiency, combining thermal isolation techniques with reduced consumption and own production facilities. In a context where we try to keep as much of the original built substance as possible, this remains one of the most challenging but also rewarding goals.


In today’s world, we have access to an unprecedented amount of information which opens so many options for each of us. Yet, being conscious of our roots and living in the continuity of tomorrow gives us the required strength to keep the right balance in our personal life and focus only on what is important.

Michel Schaus, General Manager
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In addition to a large network of craftmen and experts we use for direct construction services, Xtend gets inspired and works with a number of leading organizations in their field, as well as various groups researching and supporting the revival of either traditional building methods, locally grown plants, social traditions, or socially integrated energy solutions. Examples of these organizations are: